Friday, September 4, 2009

Just woke Up!!!!

Probly gonnna work on my myspace page until my girl comes home… and watch LA ink…thats my showww… kaaaatI think she extra beautiful…Her tattooos are crazy… and inspires me to do something like that one day. Well uhm schools going good so far..Classes some how seem easier, I don’t have to worry about EXAMS no nothing as long as i do my work.. Wish it coulda been like that all 4 years because it really gives u a goal to reach.. well any way just thought i’d post a blog real quick since i had nothing else to do.. and as i’m online i might download some new music..if any reccommenddddaaatttiooonns  on new good songs, any genre  leave a comment please cause i havent had time to engage and keep up to date with new sounds and music…. THANK YOU!!!