Monday, August 31, 2009

Dreams..Beyond Stacks of FLAMES

My dreams are in flames..??? for SAN DIEGO!! it's going to be my home for sometime, and i will then move off to LOS ANGELES. my dream area. I haven't really gotten the chance to go to these places but my cousin lives out their, and the funny thing is that... i'm watching this new's and i seen arnold swarttzhdjfaljsdflkajsfnayggerrr. and then it shows Los Angeles flames..and it was stating that, u can see the flames from NASA maps.. CRAZYY,., or what..?

Quote of the Day...oo1

"The Real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing it's own thinking"-

This quote was posted in one of my World Literature class and you know how their's sometimes a quote that speaks to u? ... ehh.. well this one was exactly one of those speak to me quotes.
If u really understand what the quote is saying you'll realize thats what schools are design to help build and create.. (Intellegent Thinkers). so that any problem can be solved with ur experienced imagination, creativity and thoughts.

FACT: Students or people in general who read and understand the book, create a movie in their head! For example, " the tall, huntched back, Troll hadn't allowed a living soul to dear walk that bridge, each time someone has attempted the troll gets slimmy, bulkier and does grewwwwwwsuuuuuummm..damage to every living things body.....

Now ur telling me you just read that with out ..creating an image or a thought?>nada!! you imagined the charecter how u think he should look and u pictured the scene in a area u fet it should be in and every other detail u've created ..

I like this quote because it's absolutly the truth.. when reading ur mind goes into a zone where it think for it's self ..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Supras.Posers.& Fakes O MY!!!

Like wow. i was on supras, years ago. skytop werent even out..i was buyin theses suade low top ones...and it's funny how everybody wearing them are using them for the wrong perpose..Their made for skaters, not music artist or people to act like posers(wanna be skaters )..and try to think they have the greatest swagg.. Yes the sneakers are the best but for people who have bought them to claim you where on them first is dis-spickk-able. Like i refuse to buy these because their mainstream like jordans now. And i feel if people are going to act as though they own these sneakers as though they where the first people onto them have to be shitin me cause like..I know theirs a slight chance u don't even know how to assemble a board. I Love the shoes...but i have to pass on them. if u do see me in them it'll be because i've bought them on sale. i would never pay more than 150 on sum sneakers that someone in my area is posin in. OO and also their was said that you can find some fake supras for a cheap price..and one popular area to find these fake ones at are in hartford..WOOW.ur shittin me..Hartford..i hope no one i know from hartford arent stuntin in fake supras..Well if u are no disrespect but ur swagg Dripp has expired..u need to throw those out..and be reall..come on.. Also, i would like to Shock ..The G-shox because damn.. everyone has em' ...Like literally... I look for things that aren't populated Trends. if i do jump on trends it'll be the trend but with a limited edition half of it..o0o And U FAKE-Shockers. I'm done..come on that's criggity..Get ya swagg up..and not be broke..The price of the G-shocks are Completly ressesion affordable...meaning even though it's a resession the price is's not a TopNotch watch. it's just affordable and popular.. But umm.. Yeah the fakes aren't getting u know miight fool the ladies attracted to guys with that...but wows.thats U ladies don't look for real or fake objects. think about it just how u notice if a girls purse is fake..!!!u need to do that whichha mans gear..cause sooner or later he'll be buying u and u gonna be forced to wear it..ha!

SHL? ScHooL tommorow.

Last year. and i have to make it.. Damn.. A senior.. it doesn't even seem reall. i mean.. my life hasn't even started yet..and it's on the edge of the place where it's about to begin...seems crazy as hell. But this year i'm preparing to make it mine. i'm going to design the year book.. and i'm also going to try and get scholarships for a school in California.. (art school/institute)



Space Jam Jordans

WOW! spaceJam jordans..these are official.. I HATE JORDANS.. but these i still want. they old but Damn.. i love em'!!! The reason why i hate jordans is because they are extra..UNIVERSAL..everybody can get their hands on themm. it's sickninnnn. but like idk..I'm just awaiting the day i get to design my own Sneakers...Sumthin Piff..(mean sumthin GRade A and Hot.) if anyone know where i can start my dreams of creating sneakers comment..and let me know..

Rhianna the witch from wizard of OZ?

Rhianna, is a bad bitch.. Ha! and i'm saying that with no disrespect. She's a wonderful artist. And i must say me and her hair is kinda Similar which is pretty cool, cept she a female. Besides that, she's just on everything, after her being serious beaten by Chris Brown, she seems to be respected more and favoured by alot of people,and has also been gaining more fans. She's on Kanye West Paranoid Video, she has been on extra, and other entertainment celebrity news shows..and has created alot of new hit records since the inccident for example (Run This Town) that song is one of my Favorites. But i will post a New Blog. About Jay-z and how i feel about him,Which isn't a good thing. Any ways, Rhianna being on the cover of this magazin reminds me of sum Red CLickin Heels ,WIzard of OZ scene. Like comeon' THe bucket of water to me seems like she pooring that on a Witch. That may relate to the GAME(music industry)..Or better yet it may show how she's the Witch and Nothing's gonna melt her...Not even the Witches weekness Water....This Magazine cover is pretty powerful and i love the image. It's just a cover where u can think about what the hell did they put that bucket in their for..Does it resemble sumthin..Does Her outfit mean sumthin..What about her New Hair...So i've given u my Idea upon how she seems to be the baddest bitch.. Alongside Beyonce' .....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moya!!!! yurpppp

THanks to a friend..(moya) going to be blogging more oftenn..
had one..but never thought about using often..i deleted old post and starting fresh..hopefully people Follow me.. No twitter...

Well starting tommorrroooww imma have hella things about i've did today's and what i wanna doooo's...


Haven't been on in a while. but deleted old blogs new ones being added..