Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rhianna the witch from wizard of OZ?

Rhianna, is a bad bitch.. Ha! and i'm saying that with no disrespect. She's a wonderful artist. And i must say me and her hair is kinda Similar which is pretty cool, cept she a female. Besides that, she's just on everything, after her being serious beaten by Chris Brown, she seems to be respected more and favoured by alot of people,and has also been gaining more fans. She's on Kanye West Paranoid Video, she has been on extra, and other entertainment celebrity news shows..and has created alot of new hit records since the inccident for example (Run This Town) that song is one of my Favorites. But i will post a New Blog. About Jay-z and how i feel about him,Which isn't a good thing. Any ways, Rhianna being on the cover of this magazin reminds me of sum Red CLickin Heels ,WIzard of OZ scene. Like comeon' THe bucket of water to me seems like she pooring that on a Witch. That may relate to the GAME(music industry)..Or better yet it may show how she's the Witch and Nothing's gonna melt her...Not even the Witches weekness Water....This Magazine cover is pretty powerful and i love the image. It's just a cover where u can think about what the hell did they put that bucket in their for..Does it resemble sumthin..Does Her outfit mean sumthin..What about her New Hair...So i've given u my Idea upon how she seems to be the baddest bitch.. Alongside Beyonce' .....