Monday, August 31, 2009

Quote of the Day...oo1

"The Real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing it's own thinking"-

This quote was posted in one of my World Literature class and you know how their's sometimes a quote that speaks to u? ... ehh.. well this one was exactly one of those speak to me quotes.
If u really understand what the quote is saying you'll realize thats what schools are design to help build and create.. (Intellegent Thinkers). so that any problem can be solved with ur experienced imagination, creativity and thoughts.

FACT: Students or people in general who read and understand the book, create a movie in their head! For example, " the tall, huntched back, Troll hadn't allowed a living soul to dear walk that bridge, each time someone has attempted the troll gets slimmy, bulkier and does grewwwwwwsuuuuuummm..damage to every living things body.....

Now ur telling me you just read that with out ..creating an image or a thought?>nada!! you imagined the charecter how u think he should look and u pictured the scene in a area u fet it should be in and every other detail u've created ..

I like this quote because it's absolutly the truth.. when reading ur mind goes into a zone where it think for it's self ..